How to create custom stickers?

Currently, the demand for customized products is growing. From small companies to large brands, everyone seeks to stand out in a competitive market and captivate their customers with unique and distinctive elements. In this context, personalized adhesive labels have become a very powerful tool for branding and visual identity of products. They allow you to transmit a clear and attractive message, differentiate yourself from the competition and generate a lasting impact on consumers.

At Adhesivas Ibi we have been manufacturing personalized stickers for decades, that is why we know their importance and on this occasion we explain how to achieve a visual impact on your clients with stickers.

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What are custom labels for?

Custom stickers are a practical and multifunctional tool that can be used in multiple situations and in various sectors.

Some examples are:

Product Identification: Allows you to easily identify products, displaying key information such as name, brand, barcode and other relevant details.

Promotion and advertising: These are useful for promoting the brand and products as they can include logos, slogans, labels, attractive images and promotional messages.

Detailed information: Provides detailed information about the product, such as instructions for use, ingredients, expiration dates, and certifications.

Differentiation at the point of sale: they help highlight products on shelves and capture customers’ attention.

Shipping and logistics labeling: They are essential to identify and track packages and products throughout the shipping and distribution process.

Guarantee and authenticity seals: they can be used as guarantee and authenticity seals, assuring customers that they are purchasing a genuine, quality product.

Customization for events and promotions: they are ideal for special events and temporary promotions, as they can be quickly adapted to specific needs and themes.

Generation of engagement: by offering an attractive and personalized visual experience, they can generate interest and engagement with customers, promoting brand loyalty.

How to define the purpose, audience and message of the custom label

When creating custom labels, it is essential to be clear about three key aspects that will guide your design and content: the objective, the target audience and the message you want to convey.


Promote the brand: use the label to reinforce the presence of your brand in the market, including the logo, corporate colors and visual elements that clearly identify it.

Inform about the product: defines whether the sticker should offer detailed information about the product, such as features, ingredients, how to use it, or specific benefits.

Market differentiation: highlight the unique and differentiating aspects of your product compared to the competition, highlighting its quality, origin or added value.

Generate interaction: Create labels that invite customers to interact, whether through QR codes to access more information, contests or exclusive promotions.


Segmentation: define the profile of your target audience, considering age, gender, geographic location and lifestyle to adapt the design and message of the sticker.

Interests and preferences: analyze the interests and preferences of your audience to personalize the label according to their tastes and needs.

Purchasing behavior: know the purchasing behavior of your audience to design a label that positively influences their purchasing decision.


Clear and concise: define the main message you want to convey clearly and concisely, using simple and direct language.

Product Benefits: Highlight the benefits and advantages your product offers to the consumer, highlighting how it can improve their life or solve a problem.

Call to Action: Include a clear and persuasive call to action, such as “Buy now,” “Find out more,” or “Visit our website.”

Creativity and originality: dare to be creative and original in the design and message of the label, seeking to impact and captivate your audience.

By taking these aspects into account when defining the objective, audience and message of your custom adhesive labels, you will be creating effective branding and marketing tools that will connect with your customers in a meaningful way.

Trust and loyalty for your customers with personalized labels

Customizing your labeling allows you to improve the presentation of your product and at the same time strengthen the emotional connection with your customers. They convey professionalism, reinforce the identity of your brand and generate trust and loyalty in your audience.

At Adhesivas Ibi we offer you adhesive labels on a roll, round, transparent, for wine bottles or whatever you want, choose the design you like the most and we will make them for you. Trust our experience and surprise with the presentation of your products.


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