Finishes for
adhesive labels

Do you want to discover some of the finishes for adhesive labels that we create at Adhesivas Ibi? 

In the business world, even the smallest detail can make the difference; therefore, we strive to maintain the highest quality standards for all types of industries and offer a customised labelling process that fulfils the requirements and expectations of each sector. We offer self-adhesive labels (PSL) with finishes like stamping or screen embossing, applied to filmic materials, typically PET or PP, to give your products the distinctive image they require. Given the breadth and diversity of our machinery, we are equipped to efficiently produce a wide range of production sizes.  From large runs for established market brands to small productions for new projects or special editions. 

And you can see the finish of your label in advance with artificial vision! 

Label printing finishes that we offer

At Adhesivas Ibi, we have cutting-edge technology to achieve all types of finishes in label printing. The most popular among all those we offer are the following:  

Label stamping

Stamping is a unique technique that manages to simulate a gloss effect and achieve a premium finish on the product label. Additionally, this finish offers advantages such as:  

  • Great definition of images and texts.   
  • Option for gloss / matte printing.   
  • Metallic colour and hologram effects.

“Make your product shine”

Etiquetas adhesivas para botellas de vino
Etiquetas plastificadas

Laminated labels

This type of label is ideal for products exposed to extreme environmental conditions, whether due to moisture or sun exposure. They are mainly notable for their great resistance and durability. They offer other benefits such as:

  • Protection and resistance against friction.   
  • You can choose between gloss or matte laminate.   
  • We have a velvet effect, similar to touching the skin of a peach.   
  • Varnish with sand texture.   

“Full protection with a special touch”

Labels with relief

We understand the need to emphasize the premium quality of your products. Therefore, we offerhigh-value-added self-adhesive labels  with complex finishessuch as 

  • Braille, embossing,  
  • micro-embossing,  
  • cold and hot stamping, micro-foil, screen varnishes, liquid gold, holograms, etc., on laid papers with glassine or PET backing. 

“If they don’t see you, you don’t exist”

Etiquetas adhesivas para botellas de vino
Etiquetas para velas

Scented labels

Yes, scented labels also exist. These bring added value to the product and the brand in itself, creating great differentiation and drawing the consumer’s attention.  

“Experiment with your product and give the user a complete experience.”

Varnished labels

The main objective is to protect the label from friction, but while enhancing its visual effect in the details you most wish to highlight. This finish offers advantages such as:   

  • Possibility of combining gloss and matte finish on the same label   
  • If you need to reprint information on your label, choose printable varnish   
  • Varnish for generating different textures on the label   

“Show off what matters”

Sectores para los que fabricamos etiquetas adhesivas

Printing of self-adhesive labels with professional finishes

With Adhesivas Ibi, you will have a professional and versatile service, as we have years of experience collaborating with different brands from different business sectors, and know the importance of emphasising the brand and improving the image of the product through each detail. To do so, we offer you our extensive catalogue of finishes for printing self-adhesive labels, with a personalised service adapted to your needs.  

If you want to learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team, who will assist you as soon as possible. If there is any other finish that you can’t find, or you need more information, contact us.   

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