Adhesive labels
for hygiene

If you are looking for a quality label for your products, at Adhesivas Ibi we are experts in printing adhesive labels for hygiene and toiletry products. This type of label must present an image of cleanliness and reliability in order to stand out in the eyes of the consumer. Therefore, we pay special attention to each detail and offer a professional and customised labelling service for all types of companies in the hygiene and personal care sector.  

Printing hygiene product labels

Printing labels for hygiene products is key, given the importance of their ingredients, their composition, mode of use, etc. Therefore, it is key for the labels to be printed professionally and clearly. To do so, we have different types of label printing and a wide range of final finishes. Additionally, we can manufacture them in different weights, formats and sizes, and with a wide variety of colours.  

Impresión de etiquetas autoadhesivas de productos de menaje
Imprimir etiqueta de productos de higiene

Printing of self-adhesive labels for household products

Of course, all products dedicated to household maintenance and cleaning require clear, precise, high quality and eye-catching labels.  

It is important for end consumers to be able to easily recognise your brand, so it is key for labelling to be identifiable and show all information related with the use and composition of the item.  

Adhesive labels for household
and hygiene products

Ultimately, there are some key functions and points that adhesive labels for household and hygiene products must both fulfil. Notable among them are the following:  

Clear and precise information

It is essential to sow the instructions for use related with the product, as well as potential precautions to keep in mind and specific characteristics.  


The household and hygiene industry is highly competitive, therefore it is essential to have labelling that stands out.  

Brand image

It is important for consumers to clearly and precisely identify your brand 

Hygiene and household product household product
label factory

At Adhesivas Ibi, we offer professional labelling solutions for all types of companies related with the hygiene and household product sector. Our teams are optimised to offer quality results in quick delivery periods and in long production runs. 

Additionally, we have a technical team that offers advice and personalised service for each client.

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