Screen printed
adhesive labels

Do you want your product to stand out on the shelves? Then this type of printing is for youWe are specialised in screen printing adhesive labels to offer our clients top range products. Ask us for more information or a personalised quote.  

Screen printing for adhesive labels

Through the adhesive label screen printing technique, a special ink is injected through a mesh or screen, for durable, permanent printing on the adhesive label. Through this method, different smooth and laid paper materials can be permanently marked.    

Screen printing is a labelling technique notable for its great durability and resistance to all types of environments, which makes it a recommended option for products exposed to different conditions such as heat, cold and outdoor environments.   

Through this type of printing we offer detailed, high precision results with special finishes such as hotmoulding (volugraf), braille, glitter, and iridescent, luminescent and thermochromatic inks, etc. 

Fábrica de serigrafía
Etiquetas para botellas de vino

Screen printed label
for products

Screen printed labels are suitable for a wide range of products such as for the food, bottling and cosmetics sectors, etc. Outstanding results can be obtained in the precise labelling of all types of designs, logos and information related with the product.  

It is a highly valued, widely used labelling technique for highlighting the important information of each product.   

Screen printing of labels

Make your products stand out from the competition with quality screen printed labels.

Etiquetas para botellas de vino

Screen printing of labels is a technique notable for its great reliability, as it is a precise, versatile process for large production volumes, where labels are created with a high quality ink that is imprinted on the product, creating a clear, lasting image.  

This process guarantees that products that are exposed to different temperatures or extreme climate conditions withstand exposure to these environments, being especially resistant to humid environments and the action of sunlight. 

Advantages of screen printing
for adhesive labels

If you are looking for a company specialised in screen printing of self-adhesive labels, at Adhesivas Ibi we can offer you a personalised quote based on your needs and the quantity that you need to print. Enjoy the advantages that this technique can offer for labelling your products:  

Great durability

Screen printing is notable for its exceptional durability, being crucial for products exposed to adverse conditions. Whether extreme temperatures, immersion in water or exposure to chemical products, the labels remain resistant, retaining their qualities and clear colours over time. 

Precision in details

If your product requires more detailed and precise printing, screen printing is the ideal technique for you. With it, you will be able to include all necessary information that the product requires, and it will be fully legible.  

Vibrant, resistant colours

With regard to the previous point, screen printing allows colours to retain the same clarity and brightness as on the first day, regardless of outdoor exposure or the passage of time.  

All types of materials

Another of the most notable advantages of screen printing is its great versatility for adapting to all types of materials. You can choose the appropriate ink for materials such as paper, plastic, smooth and laid paper materials, or any material that you need to screen print. 

Impresión de etiquetas por serigrafía

At Adhesivas Ibi

We understand the importance of having professional, quality labelling in industrial and commercial products. We therefore have suitable machinery, qualified technical personnel and all modern and classic labelling techniques to offer you all types of solutions for your company. 

If you want the best personalised advice, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will give you a customised, bespoke quote. 

We screen print the labels of your products so that
they are even more premium

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