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At Adhesivas Ibi, we stand out as experts in flexography. This technique is ideal for large quantities, allowing printing in multiple colours, double sided adhesive printing, varnishing, lamination, cold stamping and die-cutting in multiple shapes. This method has become the perfect choice for producing self-adhesive labels with superior levels of quality, improving the productivity and profitability of your business. 

Etiquetas adhesivas para botellas de vino blanco

Flexography adhesive label printing

Flexography printing of adhesive labels for products involves a technique in which ink is transferred through flexographic printing plates to imprint the adhesive labels. This process is one of the most notable in the industry today, due to its great capacity for obtaining outstanding results in an efficient and economical way.  

Above all, this method is designed for medium and long production runs with a capacity for up to 8 different colours. Allows printing on the reverse, with different finishes such as laminating, cold stamping, printing on the adhesive, etc.   

Flexography product labels

Flexography product labels have become popular in many different types of industry over recent years. For example, food, cosmetics, oils, and even hygiene product, cleaning, household and chemical product companies have started to implement this labelling technique, as this method allows results with high quality and clarity for showing product information to be achieved. 

Etiqueta para botellas de vermuts

Flexography label printing

Impresión de etiquetas por serigrafía

Flexography label printing is a technique highly recommended for companies that have a large production volume and need to maintain the highest quality. It is notable for the precision of the process in which the ink is transferred to the label, obtaining designs, logos and product information with good visibility and quality in details.  

Make your products stand out from the competition with quality flexography label printing.

Flexography for self-adhesive labels

Flexography is notable for its efficiency and consistency in production, offering companies significant savings in time and resources without compromising quality. Some of the key advantages that this method offers product labelling include:  

Optimisation of Production

Flexography is not only a profitable option, but also reduces associated costs, offering an efficient solution for labelling large quantities of products with the quality that characterises our company. 

Printing quality

Flexography provides incredible results, with clear colours and exceptional durability, giving labels a professional appearance.  


Labels printed with flexography are highly resistant to adverse conditions such as moisture, sun exposure and chemical products, offering versatility for application in various industries.  

Variety of materials

Standing out for its versatility, flexography works with a wide range of materials 

At Adhesivas Ibi

We collaborate with various industries, understanding their quality and efficiency needs. We have cutting-edge machinery and a specialised technical team to carry out flexography and other recommended labelling techniques. 

If you are seeking advice for your next design and wish to produce a large quantity of quality adhesive labels, don’t hesitate to contact our technical team. 

Contact us to obtain personalised, efficient solutions!

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