Adhesive labels
for food

If you are looking for a company to print adhesive labels for food, at Adhesivas Ibi, we work to offer all types of companies in the sector professional, customised labelling with short deadlines and in large production runs. They show the quality of the food, its information and the values of the brand. 

Customised labels for food

Each food product requires specific, customised labels to reflect its ingredients, expiry date, best before date, etc. Therefore, at Adhesivas Ibi, we print them professionally, with different finishes and full food safety. Additionally, they are a very practical tool for highlighting your brand and the benefits of your product

Etiqueta adhesiva Agua de Azahar

Advantages of adhesive labels for food

Adhesive labels for food products fulfil a series of key functions that go beyond aesthetics. Below, we will tell you some of the main advantages you will benefit from by having professional labelling:  

Regulatory compliance

It is essential and obligatory for each product to have a label that is compliant with all current regulations on food; therefore, at Adhesivas Ibi, we guarantee labels that follow all legal procedures in accordance with the law. 


It is also important for each adhesive label to indicate all relevant information of the product in detail, such as ingredients, types of allergens, expiry dates and storage instructions. 

Visual appeal

As a more aesthetic and marketing function, the brand must stand out from the competition’s products on the shelves; therefore, it is important to work on the customisation of the labelling to reflect the quality of the product.  


On many occasions, some products can be exposed to extreme temperature or moisture conditions. Due to this, it is necessary for the labels to be capable of withstanding and resisting these conditions to guarantee greater durability.  

Manufacturers of all types of labels for food

At Adhesivas Ibi, we are experts in the printing of labels for food. We print them in long production runs and in rapid delivery periods so that you can carry out production perfectly. Additionally, we use quality, high resistance materials so that they last and adhere well.

If you need a customised adhesive label with an eye-catching design, don’t hesitate to contact our technical team and we will provide you all the labelling and customisation solutions that you need.

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