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Offset printing is notable for its capacity for reproducing details with extreme precision, achieving exceptional clarity and reproducing high quality images. Our team is available to offer you personalised advice on the implementation of this technique, adapting it optimally to the specific characteristics of your product. 

Offset label printing

In offset printing, the ink is transferred to the substrate through a metallic plate and a rubber cylinder, offering a versatile, high quality process. This technique allows us to provide our clients a wide variety of options. We can print on any type of material. 

This technique is notable for its capacity for printing with precision and clarity, capturing all kinds of details, from high quality images to midtones and patterns. 

Etiquetas adhesivas para botellas de vino
Imprimir etiquetas de producto por offset

Offset printed adhesive labels

Offset printed adhesive labels have been established as the favourite choice for high quality products, such as alcoholic drinks, premium oils and top range cosmetics. 

This technique is notable for its capacity for reproducing a wide variety of designs, logos and product information on labels with clarity and precision. At Adhesivas Ibi, we take advantage of the excellence of offset printing to offer labels which not only meet demanding quality standards, but which also enhance the presentation of exclusive and high value products. 

Why use offset for labels

Offset label printing, designed for companies seeking excellence in their products, is the perfect choice for presenting fine details and guaranteeing exceptional printing quality. At Adhesivas Ibi, we understand the importance of the presentation of top range products, and therefore recommend offset printing. 

This technique is notable for its great reliability, allowing the efficient, precise, uniform production of a large quantity of labels for your products. With offset printing, your brand will benefit from an impeccable presentation and unparalleled quality in each label. 

Fábrica de servicios offset

Advantages of offset printing for adhesive labels

If you are considering offset printing for your product labelling, we present some of its key advantages. At Adhesivas Ibi, our team is ready to offer you personalised advice and help you to choose the best option for your type of product.  

Highest printing quality

This technique is notable for its great quality and clarity in the precise reproduction of each one of your designs or logos. Additionally, the quality of its ink and the printing system guarantees that the adhesive label of each product remains printed with the same quality for a long time.  

Versatile designs

Whatever the type of design your logo or product label requires, whether classic or modern, offset printing for adhesive labels perfectly adapts to any style that your company requires 

Perfect option for large production volumes

If your company needs to produce large volumes of labels due to large-scale production of goods, this labelling technique is ideal, as it is a very economical option for large volumes. Additionally, quality is not reduced as the quantity increases, which allows clear, uniform, highly durable adhesive labels to be obtained.  

Wide variety of materials

One of the incredible customisation options that offset printing can offer you is the wide variety of materials that can be used in the labels. Depending on your preferences or needs for labelling your products, you can choose between various types of different materials such as paper, film and synthetic materials, among many others. 

At Adhesivas Ibi

We work under the FSC Chain of Custody to contribute to caring for the environment.  

If you have a new project or need to renew your self-adhesive labels, don’t hesitate to contact our technical team. We will advise you on the design, materials and printing of your labels in a personalised and efficient way. 

Obtain more information and request a personalised quote for offset adhesive label printing.

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