Adhesive labels
for oils and vinegars

Make your products’ bottles stand out with quality adhesive labels for oil and vinegar, fully designed and customised for you. At Adhesivas Ibi, we have a wide range of finishes and types of printing so that your product stands out from the competition. Make the difference through the presentation and labelling of the container. We offer creative, customised and versatile solutions for all types of companies in the sector.  

Etiquetas adhesivas para botellas de aceite

Printing of labels for oils

Oil is one of the star products that is essential in every kitchen. Therefore, its sophistication, quality, purity and versatility must be reflected through its labelling. To do so, we offer different label printing techniques and final finishes, as well as different formats, weights, forms and colours for printing

Printing of labels for vinegars

Vinegar is another of the products which is highly versatile in the kitchen due to its wide variety of uses. It is important that the labelling of this product clearly and precisely presents all relevant information related with the origin, type of vinegar and recommendations for use.  

Why use adhesive labels for vinegars and oils

At Adhesivas Ibi, we take charge of printing self-adhesive labels for oils and vinegars in long production runs, with rapid delivery periods and samples for achieving the best result. Additionally, this type of label offers great advantages such as:

Visual appeal

It is important to draw the attention of potential customers for whom the product is intended.  

Precise information

Labels have the aim of communicating and clarifying all types of relevant information about the oils or vinegars.  


Due to the highly competitive market, it is essential to have customised labels that reflect the sophistication and quality of the product.


Likewise, if olive oil or vinegar has won an award or has qualities that deserve to be highlighted, adhesive labels can help to enhance the brand image.  

Self-adhesive label factory for oil and vinegar

At Adhesivas Ibi, we have all the latest generation, cutting-edge technology, as well as a team specialised in the manufacture of this type of self-adhesive label for oils and vinegars. Thanks to our extensive experience in the sector, we offer the best personalised service and creative and technical advice for all types of companies in the sector. 

If you need your product to stand out from the competition and want to boost its value in the market, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will assist you as soon as possible.

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