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Discover our varied range of printing systems designed to offer you exceptional results. Whether you need to print just a few or many labels, with different options for inks, customised specifications or exclusive finishes, we have technical resources and a specialised team to provide you a premium service. Trust in us to take your printing to the next level. 

Fábrica de servicios de impresión digital


This printing technique is perfect for producing customised labels. This technique is ideal for short production runs, specific markets or special campaigns. 


If you are looking for a versatile label in large quantities, this technique is ideal for your company. We can print on any type of material. 


Flexography is one of the most widely used label production techniques. It allows us to create medium and long production runs with laminated finishes, cold stamping, printing on the adhesive, etc.   

Screen printing

We create customised, eye-catching and exclusive adhesive labels in all types of material with braille, glitter, iridescent, thermochromatic, volugraf and many other finishes.   

Sectors for which we
manufacture adhesive labels

Convey the quality and values of your product through its label. To do so, at Adhesivas Ibi we print adhesive labels for a wide variety of sectors.   


In the bottling sector there are multiple varied products that require specific customisation, and it is necessary to highlight the value of the brand and the visual appeal of the product to draw the attention of consumers.


The food industry requires a specific labelling and design process that complies with a series of specific regulations, and for the brand to be recognised for its properties and ingredients.


The labelling of products belonging to the cosmetics sector must highlight the visual appeal and image of the product in question. Our labels are specifically conceived for each specific item, highlighting all their aesthetic qualities.

Hygiene and household

These types of product require labelling capable of resisting extreme conditions of temperature changes and exposure to chemicals, therefore we are committed to producing adhesive labels that fulfil the highest standards of quality and durability

Oils and vinegars

In addition to the need for labels resistant to moisture and liquids, the oil and vinegar sector requires an excellent label that prioritises the finesse and purity of these products.

“If they don’t see you, you don’t exist. The labels of your products are key to drawing the user’s attention.”

Adhesive labels for customising your products with different finishes

Stamped labels

Laminated labels

Embossed labels

Scented labels

Varnished labels

Why print your adhesive label with us

At Adhesivas Ibi we have the ISO 9001 certification, which distinguishes us and allows us to guarantee a quality, professional process at all times. By printing the adhesive labels of your products with you, you will be able to benefit from a fully customised labelling process so that the final result meets your needs and expectations, as well as having rapid, effective advice for guaranteeing that your products stand out in the market. 

Fábrica de etiquetas adhesivas para botellas de vino

“Customise, stand out, label! They key to unforgettable branding.”

We are partners of business groups

Improve your products with
customised adhesive labels

If you want to learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact our technical team, and we will advise you immediately.    


Personalised technical advice

Do you need help designing labels, or choosing materials, the type of printing or finishes? We will help you throughout the process.   


Large production capacity

We are always on the cutting-edge, with high-tech machinery set up to manufacture large volumes with all types of printing (screen printing, flexography, offset, etc.).  


Quality guaranteed

We have the ISO 9001:2015 Quality certification, which guarantees fulfilment of our clients’ needs and product quality.   


Speed and commitment

In each order, we are committed to guaranteeing delivery times, professional finishes, and friendly, personalised service, etc.   


Take the leap and bring your brand to the next level with customised adhesive labels of the highest quality.

“Enhance your image with our adhesive labels: Adhering to innovation!”

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