Customised labels
for bottles

If you are interested in printing customised labels for bottles, we are dedicated to the manufacture of this type of self-adhesive label for all types of bottling: wine, vermouth, beer, cava, water or any type of spirit. At Adhesivas Ibi, we are experts in the manufacture of customised labels for all types of bottled products and offer a complete, personalised service to meet your needs and expectations at all times 

Quality labels for bottles

In addition to the importance of the design and aesthetic appearance, this type of label for bottles must be resistant to different environments and adverse conditions, such as different temperature changes, contact with liquids and exposure to sunlight. At Adhesivas Ibi, we work with cutting-edge machinery to achieve a labelling process that complies with the highest quality standards, thereby achieving an outstanding final result. Additionally, we can print with different forms, formats, weights, colours and finishes.   

We work with Designations of Origin

Below, we show you some of the DO brands for which we manufacture labels, although we work with many more.    

Etiquetas adhesivas para botellas de vino

Types of labels for bottles that we manufacture

The types of labels that we manufacture vary depending on the container and the product you wish to commercialise. Some of the most popular are the following:  

Wine labels

Products of the wine industry require professional labelling that reflects the quality and character of a good wine. Therefore, these labels must be elegant and customised based on the characteristics of the product.  

Labels for water bottles

Bottled water is a highly demanded product, which as a result, has a high level of competition, therefore making it essential for the label to clearly show the purity and quality of the product.  

Labels for spirits and vermouth

For those who consume them, these types of products are notable for their sophistication and luxury. The labelling of bottles of spirits requires appropriate customisation to reflect the brand image and the qualities of the product with finesse and elegance. 

Printing of adhesive labels for bottles

At Adhesivas Ibi, we understand the need to combine professionalism and good taste in bottle labelling, therefore our technical team, with the latest cutting-edge machinery, will work tirelessly to create a customised labelling process adapted for your product.     

If you want to make your brand stand out and attract the attention of more clients, don’t hesitate to contact our technical team, and we will help you with everything you need to be able to achieve all your professional goals.

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