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At Adhesivas Ibi we are leaders in the digital printing of labels, having offered our services to various sectors over many years. From bottles to cosmetic products, we have perfected the technique to satisfy the unique demands of each industry.  

Etiquetas adhesivas personalizadas para botellas de vino

Digital adhesive label printing

Digital printing offers exceptional versatility that allows customisation of your labels, design of promotions for specific markets and execution of special campaigns. 

In addition to creative flexibility, this technology offers you the advantage of managing inventories efficiently, reducing storage costs and avoiding obsolescence. It is ideal for adapting to a constantly changing market and is especially suitable for short production runs, offering efficiency and savings for your labelling needs. It is especially efficient for work which involves numerous references, eliminating production losses associated with changes of reference. 

A unique characteristic of this technique is the capacity for creating variable printing. Imagine each label as unique, with elements that can change to tell a visually striking story. From exclusive collections to legal numbering, security texts, iridescent inks, metallic and white inks, the possibilities are endless 

At Adhesivas Ibi, we print your customised labels quickly, efficiently, and with the highest guarantee of quality. Do you want to know more or request a quote? Contact our technical team; we will be delighted to help you take the label of your product to the next level. 

Experts in digital printing of adhesive labels

At Adhesivas Ibi, we have a team specialised in digital printing of labels and other similar techniques, dedicated to labelling of products for various industries. We use the most advanced technology to offer high quality labelling that covers a wide range of professional projects, meeting the needs and expectations of your company. 

Our mission is to allow the creation of more attractive, original and innovative labels that make your product unique and distinctive in the market. From design to production, we take care of the whole process, undertaking tests to ensure quality and visual impact before proceeding with larger production runs. Trust in us to bring your labels to life in a unique and exclusive way. 

Etiquetas adhesivas para botes de especias
Impresión digital

Impresión digital de etiquetas personalizadas

Obtaining customised labels has emerged as one of the most notable advantages of digital printing, showing itself to be one of the most effective strategies for standing out in the market. This technique allows the creation of exclusive designs and provides clear, precise product information for clients. Digital printing has thus become the perfect canvas for easily materialising any creative idea, significantly transforming and revolutionising the labelling industry. 

Why print self-adhesive labels with digital printing at Adhesivas Ibi

Opting for our digital label printing service entails a series of advantages that will completely transform the presentation of your products:  

Speed and efficiency

Thanks to our digital printing production processes, we can quickly satisfy all your labelling needs, complying with the necessary quality standards to offer an outstanding product.  


Achieving creative designs is essential in the industrial world. Through digital printing, all marketing objectives of a company can be achieved, and creative designs can be perfectly adapted for optimal presentation in the final product labelling. 

Variety of materials

With digital label printing it is possible to select all kinds of materials such as paper, plastic among many others, to be able to meet the specific needs of any industrial sector.  

Different industries

As we just mentioned, this process can be adapted to any type of industry and product such as the food, chemical products, automotive, technological, and many other sectors. 

Etiquetas para botellas de vino frizzante

Digital printing

Is one of the most innovative techniques today, notable for its speed and professional results. At Adhesivas Ibi, we are committed to quickly and efficiently providing the best labelling options. We have the best equipment to guarantee exceptional results.  

Our professional team takes charge of the customisation and quality process necessary to meet your expectations. If you have any queries and need professional labelling for your products, contact us! 

We are here to help you make your brand stand out with high quality, customised labels.

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