Stamping, the art of transfer printing

Stamping is a transfer printing method, an art that combines precision and creativity to bring surprising designs to life. This technique, also known as embossing, is used to print detailed and elegant designs on various materials.

At Adhesivas Ibi, as experts in labeling solutions, we know this technique. In this article we tell you how printing offers a unique way of printing and infinite customization possibilities.

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What is stamping?

The translation of stamping, literally stamping, is a printing technique widely used in numerous industries. It is a process by which pressure is applied to a matrix or die with the desired design, thus transferring the image or pattern to the printing material. This method is valued for its ability to create precise details and elegant finishes on various materials, from paper to metals and plastics.

How does the stamping technique work?

Stamping is an ingenious process that combines pressure, heat and precision to create high-quality prints.

Here we explain how this technique is carried out:

Preparation of the die: a die is created with the desired design, which can be embossed or hollow, depending on the effect required.
Material Placement: The material to be printed is placed under the die, which can be paper, cardboard, metal, plastic or other substrates.
Application of pressure and heat: Controlled pressure is applied to the die, which is heated to soften the material and allow the design to transfer.
Design Transfer: Pressure and heat cause the design from the die to transfer to the material, creating a crisp, detailed print.
Cooling and finishing: Once the design is transferred, the material is cooled to set the print. Additional finishes can then be applied as needed, such as laminates or varnishes.

This meticulous and precise process ensures high-quality, long-lasting results on a wide range of products, from labels and cards to packaging and promotional products.

Types of stamping

In a stamping printing press, this procedure can be carried out in several ways; the most appropriate technique will be chosen depending on the needs of the job and the material to be used.

We show you the most common ones:

Cold stamping

Cold stamping, also known as “Cold Stamping”, is ideal for heat-sensitive materials such as paper and cardboard. In this process, pressure is applied to the die without the need to heat the base material. This results in accurate and detailed prints without risk of heat damage.

heat stamping 

Heat stamping, known as “Hot Stamping”, is a perfect option for materials such as plastic, metal and leather. In this method, the die is heated and pressure is applied to the base material, allowing for effective transfer of the design. It is especially effective for creating shiny and metallic finishes on products.

Digital stamping

After an evolution of the technique, digital stamping was born. It uses digital technology to create personalized and detailed designs, which are applied directly to the material without the need for physical dies. This allows for greater flexibility in creating unique designs and producing smaller runs of custom products.

The different techniques of this process offer numerous creative and functional possibilities for transfer printing to create unique, high-quality products.

Stamping applications

The versatility of the print allows it to be used in different industries and jobs, thanks to its precision of details it facilitates customization on many objects.

We show you some of the most common:

Labels and packaging: Labels with a shiny or metallic finish, created using this technique, are ideal for high-end and promotional products.
Cards and stationery: Business cards, invitations and corporate stationery look elegant with embossed or gold details obtained using this technique.
Packaging and packaging: packaging for cosmetics, perfumes and luxury products are enhanced with exclusive designs thanks to this technique.
Promotional Products: Pens, keychains and other promotional products stand out with logos and detailed designs made with printing.
Advertising and merchandising: posters, brochures and advertising material in general gain visual impact with raised details, attracting the public’s attention.
Decoration and household items: photo frames, candles and other decorative items acquire a touch of elegance with embossed or metallic designs thanks to this technique.

These applications are just a few examples of the wide spectrum of possibilities that transfer printing offers. From the packaging industry to product promotion, this technique stands out for its ability to provide aesthetic and functional value to a wide variety of products and materials.

At Adhesivas Ibi we have the experience and knowledge to help you with your stamping projects, trust us and get the best results.


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